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Money Back Guarantee

PolicePrep is so confident with its online product that we will refund your money in full if you fail any of the following written police exams after using our website.

Tests covered by our
Money Back Guarantee
  • PIRT - UK Police Assesment Centre Oral and Written Communication
  • SET - Scotland Police Entrance Test
  • PSNI Northern Ireland Police Test
100% Risk Free

Terms and Agreement:
1. Refund request must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your test results and is limited to one refund request per client.
 2. You have not performed any practice tests on PolicePrep after the date of the testing, which you failed.
 3. The name on the test result document must match the name you provide PolicePrep when you sign up.
 4. You must request the refund while still a member of PolicePrep.
 5. You must have completed a minimum of five (5) practice tests and not performed any practice tests after the date of the testing, which you failed.
 6. Refunds will be sent to clients within 15 business days after refund request has been assessed. PolicePrep reserves the right to omit, change or edit the terms and agreement at anytime without advance notice to it's clients.



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