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PolicePrep’s online program is designed to help you prepare for the UK Police Recruitment Process. Registering to PolicePrep will provide you with practice police tests (PIRT, PSNI and SET), complete with instant test scores and detailed solutions. In addition, our role-play and interview preparation material will arm you with the knowledge to understand what police recruiters in the UK are looking for during recruitment process.

“Thanks a bunch for the great site! 

I've passed and I'm now off to police training next month.”

T. Harris - West Midlands UK

 PolicePrep Online Course - 365 days access


  • 5 timed-practice Numerical Reasoning tests
  • 5 timed-practice Logical Reasoning tests
  • 5 timed-practice tests for Northern Ireland Police Service
  • 5 timed-practice Scotland Police Entrance Test (SET)
  • 17 Role-Play excesises in video and written formats
  • 10 Written Communication Test exercises
  • Interactive scoring, historical feedback, and answer keys
  • Unlimited access, do the tests as often as you like

  • Money Back Guarantee (see conditions)
  • Interview and Fitness Preparation
  • Teaching material for all subject matters including math, grammar, problem solving, logical reasoning, and behavioural tests
  • Online-forum to post questions, share information and meet other people who have the same dream.
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With a staff of skilled technical writers, PolicePrep has designed customized police tests for the Police Initial Recruitment Test (PIRT) used in the UK National Recruitment Process. Our program also includes the Standard Entrance Test (SET) used by the Scottish Police Service and the entrance exam for the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). Our practice Police Tests are developed with the same format and content as the real police recruitment test. This ensures you are spending your time and money on the correct preparation material. Don’t waste your money on generic practice exams that do not reflect the police entrance test that you will be writing.

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